Circus Hakim/ Blues Club: Rusty Zinn (USA)

26 april 2024  van 20:30-23:00 uur Tickets: €23,49

Haarlem Blues Club

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“Reggae is like a palette to paint whatever you want. It’s a rhythm created in Jamaica that is open to having many flavors of sound painted on top of it” says Rusty Zinn. Many years ago, the California born singer/songwriter discovered and nurtured  a deep love for the many Jamaican musical genres that flourished over the decades. He embraced them in all of their forms of Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae onward and even met and befriended some of the most important exponents and pioneering architects of these Jamaican musical styles over the years. Many of these Jamaican musical heroes and friends of Rusty have served as mentors in the music to him.



Circus Hakim/ Blues Club: Rusty Zinn (USA)

Haarlem Blues Club

Korte Verspronckweg 7
2023 BS Haarlem

  • Centrum
  • 20:30 - 23:00 uur
  • €23,49

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