Slachthuis: Hyla + Phlox + Ziggurath

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-= HYLA =-
HYLA is a hard-hitting, passionate, and intense progressive-metal machine.
By fusing their eccentric songwriting with aggressive, rhythmically complex riffs and ethereal, sentimental soundscapes, they conceive an authentic and extraordinary bedrock for their existential and deeply personal lyrics. HYLA’s sonic earthquake crushes the foundations of every stage, simultaneously captivates, stirs and excites the crowd viscerally, and eradicates the restraints of genres with their massive, organic and tight sound.
For fans of: Meshuggah, Leprous, The Contortionist & Gojira


-= PHLOX =-
The from Amsterdam arisen PHLOX is a metal collective that deploys by its enchanting riffs and subtle tendencies an exploration of various styles of progressive instrumental metal.
They channel an unabashed plethora of complexity to soothe the will for exploration of the mind and traverse the landscapes of sound.
Being strictly all-instrumental, this focused sorcery of sonic arts and devotion will boldly speak for itself to further be fathomed and quench one’s wanderlust.


Hailing from the Nether Lands and birthed at the slaughterhouse,
a furious force of destruction forges a new sound baptized as ‘Black Death ‘n Roll’.
Embodying unbridled duality and power, fiery currents of bone-crushing pulses are delivered with organic precision.
Driven by dualism and an instrumental approach to musical spellcasting, a sonic tapestry is crafted that mesmerizes with its intricacy, never once compromising on sheer unrelenting brutality, an ultimate blasphemy to the sound of modernity.
For soothing the discordants and thrillseekers alike, bear witness to the Voiceless Death Magick.

Slachthuis: Hyla + Phlox + Ziggurath


Rockplein 6
2033 KK Haarlem

  • Oost
  • 19:30 uur
  • €8

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