Slachthuis: New Candys en The Third Sound (18+)

New Candys

Concocted with only the darkest of deviant rock’n’roll ethos and distinct melodic distortions, New Candys are one of the most important bands to have emerged from Italy in recent years. Their hometown of Venice is subtly interwoven through a focused aesthetic, not only sonically produced, but curated in their album artworks. Earlier this year they did the support for Dandy Warhols. New Candys sound like something between The Stooges and The Jesus & Mary Chain.

The Third Sound:
Dealing in a hypnotic blend of neo-psychedelia, post-punk and new wave, The Third Sound is a Berlin-based band led by the Icelandic musician Hákon Aðalsteinsson, who is the guitarist in Brian Jonestown Massacre and formerly played in the cult rock’n’roll outfit Singapore Sling. A mainstay of the European psych underground in his own right, not just through his collaborations with the likes of Anton Newcombe and Tess Parks.

Zaterdag 25 Mar 2023
Deuren: 20:00
Start: 21:00
Eind: 23:59


ENTREE €10,- Dit evenement is 18+ Kaarten bestellen kan: hier

Slachthuis: New Candys en The Third Sound (18+)


Rockplein 6
2033 KK Haarlem

  • Oost
  • 20:00 - 23:59 uur
  • €10,00

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